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On Confidence

Posted on 08.28.14 at 17:01

I was told by someone who I now call a career-life teacher (and I told mon amour about this) that what I need in this life as I grow is "self confidence". How does one acquire it, really? TV Commercials tell us that it can be gained by using certain personal care products. I wish it was that easy though.

The quote on the image above shared by the Chicken Soup For The Soul Facebook page tells us that by doing what you are afraid to do, by "BEing YOU" and by believeing in yourself can somehow be the key. Now I ask myself, what is that, are those that I'm afraid to do? I'll pin them down and believe so that I can do them. It still goes back to you. It does start with one's self. I should remember this as I take on my daily journey and as I map out my long-term plans. Every plan tends to be scary anyway. I guess one just has to believe that he'll get through it if it's bound for him..

I'll gain it. Prayers and some believing in myself. At this point, the believing starts.


LJ The App

Posted on 08.27.14 at 19:13

3:09am and I'm still up
Been thinking about reviving my blog. For someone who doesn't like reading, writing is the only thing that gives me a chance at learning and enhancing "a skill" (somehow).

Downloaded the Livejournal app. Didn't realize that I've already forgotten my password. And that my last, last post was in December 2013 when I was in Bangkok.

Anyhow, the app looks nice. Check out how my profile looks on mobile below. Everything's so accessible nowadays, especially with these smartphones. Erm, iPhone. Erm, 5S. Lol.

Anyway, gotta sleep now. I have a morning meeting and I don't know why I'm still up. Have lots of stuff I wanna share about. We'll move along! Enjoying this for real xx


Nite 2 in The Big B

Posted on 12.13.13 at 03:11
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12th or 13th, I'm losing track on dates.
Totally not because of the 1-hour time difference versus Manila's. Lol. Just trying to get lost at something. :)

So I left my couch surfer friend's pad at noon- before which, he had me eat some special mildly spicy chicken rice and it floored me. He had me take the cab to Sathorn (from Sukhumvit), which cost me about 87 THB. I checked in, but before I could have, I had to exchange my USDs at the UOB Bank next to my hotel. I'm blogging now from Chaydon- beautiful hotel. Thanks for recommending, cuz Naish.

Around afternoon, after I had my FIRST shower in Bangkok, I went to the big malls in Siam. Took the BTS (the Sky Train) from Sala Daeng to Siam. Oh, I got lost at some point- but this girl from Chicago living here helped me. Also, at the train station, some girl from the US helped me find my way :) I also had a cool chat with an Asian woman while in cueue at the train counter.

I got overwhelemed at the malls. Siam Center is like our Shangri-La Mall, and everything's sozi. I was hoping for WiFi because I wanted to contact my friend here, but gah there's no WiFi in the mall. I hopped to MBK- it's like BKK's Greenhills Shopping Center. Crazy went down there. Went back to Siam Center and had a sumptuous dinner at Petite Audrey. It's this European-inspired restaurant right smack in the middle of the mall. I wanted to try living the Thai life, but I was afraid I won't be able to handle the spice. For appetizers, I had this deep-fried mashed potatoes with melted cheddar cheese. For main, I had this shrimp fatty rice with hearty soup and fresh orange juice. Solved. :)

Around 9pm TH time I went back to my hotel. This young Thai helped me confirm that I was on the right side of the station. Thanks dear. I said thank you before I left the train, btw. :)

Just a shy later, I went to get dressed and met up with Ting, my Pinoy friend here, and we had drinks at some bar in Soi 4. His gay Thai friend, who's married to an Irish man, greeted us. I got a hug from the Irish dude and I told him how much I love the Irish accent, and how green their country to me is. Like literally- green for St. Patrick's (is it Irish?) and the leprichaun (did I spell it correctly?). Oh well.

I got drunk so hard I threw up after 2 rounds of Jack Coke. Ting paid for my drinks and my bottled water. Felt so much better after the throwing. We walked along Silom and ended up at this massage place. Had a great time there, got rested somehow.

He dropped me off at my hotel at around 1:30 TH time. Turned the TV on, and Sex And The City Season 3 was on Sony. Haha.

After which, I did some computing and planning. I went down to chill and now I'm blogging.

It's a wonderful feeling being here. I hope everyone who travels feels the same thing :)

Big plans later. I'll do the Temple Run, or so how I'd like to call it.

Sweet dreams!

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In Bangkok

Posted on 12.12.13 at 05:55
I'm in Bangkok. I left Manila via Cebu Pacific at around 10:30pm PH time, and landed in BKK at 1:13am-ish PH time, or 12:13am TH time. I'm at my happiest right now. I'm a geography freak yet this is only my second international trip. Bangkok will be my home until December 17th.

Night 1
My friend Ting, who works and lives here, picked me up from the airport and now I'm staying at his cozy condo! I'm kinda couch-surfing for a night. He does it tho. He's a couch surfer and I think it's a wonderful thing to be. He prepared for me Bangkok's famous Mango Sticky Rice from Mango Tango, a restaurant you can only find like in Siam Mall or something. We mapped out my itinerary for the next days as I'll be riding solo. Maps do work, I now realize. :)

Oh, some cool stuff I noticed- Bangkok is super keep-left. I almost tripped on the walkalator thing at the airport because the right side was going my direction. Their roads are keep left, too. I didn't notice this in Malaysia. Was MY keep-left as well?

Anyway, I'm in the past. I'm one hour behind Manila's time.

Update you later:)

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panic kissing

8 Years A Great Lover

Posted on 09.23.13 at 22:16
Dear reader,

Let me begin by asking you this--- how brave have you really, ever, been with love? What is the bravest thing you have ever done, in love? Top answer could be taking a bullet for the person you love. Have you? Aren't you glad that you haven't if you haven't because that would be too painful, worse if you didn't survive, you wouldn't be there reading this right now. I don't think I've ever done anything brave for anyone. For myself and for the sake of my love, however, I might just actually have. Here's how.

For the past years I have been ranting about being single for a long time already. Month on month the rate gets worse. My best friends and my office mates are witnesses to how cranky I get because I'm single. It's not healthy anymore, so I started praying. I didn't know, though, what to pray for. There are a lot of unclear things in my head about this topic. And so I prayed for answers and for clarity. I knew I needed to identify the reasons why I'm still single, and these items I intend to fix and act upon one by one to reach my goal of finding the right one. I want the next one to be a good one- may not be my last, although I secretly pray that the next love will be the "it" of my life, but I'm cool with good, I just don't want it to be like a hook up disguised in love- that would be so awful for the long wait.

I realized that one of the reasons why I'm still single is because something else, or someone else (in this context) is still occupying my heart. My friends always end up pointing to this one person and the question on whether or not I have really, really, really let this person go. For the life of me, I say, "Yes", hoping that I really have. It has been 8 years and 7 months now since we broke up, this person and I. If you're a rational one, you'd be over by this time. Love can never be a rational thing, sometimes it doesn't need overthinking. But I have been over in doing a lot of things, things that are too hard for me to identify.

With the clarity I have been praying for came the answer, I'm not over this person yet, this person, my ex, my love, the love of my life, my life's greatest love.

Over the weekend, I got the chance to give into a beautiful moment. To this person's eyes I confessed that I'm not yet over our love. I'm not yet over this person. I'm not yet over us. 8 years and 7 months, and not yet.

That's the answer to the question I posted in the beginning of this post- what is the bravest thing you have ever done, in love?

It's what I needed. I need to accept it. I need to know what the matter with me is to finally get to move on. I cannot live another moment denying that I have moved on when I really haven't. Now that I am aware, I finally know what to fix. The question remains though- how? I don't know. I think it will come. I am praying to be ready, once and finally. In my heart I kept what Loyva, a good friend, has told me, something like--- live a good life, and every good thing will follow. In order to live a good life, I need contentment. I am trying to be content. Life is good, and I'm born to be a happy person, and so no more Maricel Soriano, no more road to the Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress Oscar trophy. Just life.

I love you, my dear you. I'm sorry for having done everything I have done in the past. I was selfish. I was an over-the-top Drama Actress, and I'm sorry. Thank you for keeping up with me, for staying in my life, for never throwing me away. I can say that 8 years later I have fully matured, but it doesn't show. Barbie said that in a few years, who knows, I'd be fully matured, and I can handle our love well. If our love will still be. But our love will always be there, especially in the form of a friendship. You are the reason why I can say I am blessed in love.

On being blessed in love--- people wait for years to find their life's greatest love, a non-relative love, that is. I have found mine when I was 17. How crazy was that? I don't know, but this could be the reason why 17 is one of my favorite numbers. I have fancied songs with 17 in them: Metro Stations's Seventeen Forever, Mandy Moore's Seventeen, and Travis' Why Does It Always Rain On Me--- oh yes, "is it because I lied when I was seventeen?" Oh man. This boy can't be "seventeen forever" can he? One gots to move on. I'm 26 and I have been in love. Moving forward, though, I need to take this opportunity to fall in love again because I already have, I already know what love is, and I'm hoping I can be able to take care of who's to come.

To you, dear reader, please take care of the person you love--- whether you can identify him or her as your life's greatest love already. Please, though, do not put pressure in making or identifying him/her as such, you will know it, you will just know it. I pray for you that you won't know it when this person's gone. Life is beautiful, please do not hurt the person you love and the person who loves you. I firmly believe that there's one person for everyone, just you wait and see.

I would like to end this post with this song--- "A Heart To Hold You" from Keane.
When this song played in the office one Saturday while I was working on my media presentation, I cried and could have won as Oscar for that single scene.
This song is my promise to you--- "...NO MATTER, I'LL FIND YOU ANYWAY".

When you're lonely and sad
If you think of the times we had
Just the thought
Will bring you back to me

Seen you staring in to space
Shadow falling across your face
But it won't take long to get to you
Whatever you do

And if your heart should melt away
No matter, I'll find you anyway
Until you look and find a love who doubles
As someone who'll understand your troubles

When you're tumbling down
Cast an eye back to our old town
And a heart to hold you won't be far
Wherever you are

And if your heart should melt away
No matter, I'll find you anyway
Until you look and find a love who doubles
As someone who'll understand your troubles

And if your heart should melt away
No matter, I'll find you anyway
Until you look and find a love who doubles
As someone who'll understand your troubles

When you're lonely and sad
When you're lonely and sad

You are the love of my life.

I love you.

panic kissing


Posted on 08.21.13 at 19:14
Beautiful things happened last Saturday. I felt what I've always wanted to feel. I heard what I've always wanted to hear, and more--- being Keane's song "A Heart To Hold You" which got my weeping over the whole idea of true love and its promise no matter what--- and this exact scene happened in the office while I was working on my desserts deck. That scene right there could snatch me an Oscar.

Last night, I finally set myself free from all the love she-bang in my head. It felt good.
You love someone, you leave someone. And as you do, you promise, that no matter what, you'll be around. :)

I won't deny now, no I won't. I'm thrilled to fall in love again. I'm a pessimist from past relationship experiences, dating back 2002-2003, but I can no longer live in that light. I'm opening myself to the good. I will search not too intensely, just safely, and wait patiently.

the cover

Clearing My Head

Posted on 08.21.13 at 18:55
God won't give me anything I cannot handle.

I can finish this presentation, and I'm gonna be able to pin down that personal thing I need to do and it will not be too late.

I'm so stressed out.

Praying for everyone's safety despite the situation in the past days.

God bless the Philippines!

Thank You, Lord!



Posted on 08.21.13 at 18:48
God bless the Philippines!

On Sunday, I tweeted, and posted this as a Facebook status:

"Amy Adams topic over lunch. She's 39, and a 4-time Oscar nominee (should be a 5-timer, for Enchanted). One of the actresses I have so much respect for. Can she please win an Oscar already?"

Later that night, Oscar fans from the West came up to me on Twitter informing me that Amy Adams is actually getting some early Oscar buzz for her new film, American Hustle, due Christmas Day. So I looked it up and voila, I have actually heard of this film--- it was shortly after Jennifer Lawrence's big Oscar Best Actress win, news on a new David O. Russell project pulling in his The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook casts just went on everywhere.

Oscar-nominated director David O. Russell is the genius behind these two films which came out with a 2-year interval and scored three of his actors an Oscar each among other awards: Christian Bale (Best Supporting Actor, The Fighter), Melissa Leo (Best Supporting Actress, The Fighter), and Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress, Silver Linings Playbook). Supposedly a year later, he's pulling Bale and Lawrence, and three other actors who each got a respected Oscar nomination for his films together for 2013's American Hustle. In the film are Bradley Cooper (Best Actor nominee, Silver Linings Playbook), Robert De Niro (Best Supporting Actor nominee, Silver Linings Playbook) and Amy Adams (Best Supporting Actress nominee, The Fighter). Just how can Oscar fans not well anticipate this coming-soon, especially when the whole plot is about a clash between good and evil in a scandalous era of America. Sneak peeks from the shoots only got me more excited as Bale, Cooper, Lawrence, and Adams are all in over-the-top character acting like they've never been seen before.

Let's break it down: The Fighter fighting characters given life by Bale and Adams are now playing a con-man and a partner-in-crime-slash-mistress. Silver Linings Playbook MFEOs given life by Cooper and Lawrence are now playing twistedly-connected people as a police officer unknowingly working with a con-man and the wife of the con-man. Look, the men of American Hustle are killing it with the physical transformation, but the women are rockin' it with killer exciting roles. I'm really putting bets on Jennifer Lawrence here because from Winter's Bone to X-Men: First Class to THG to SLP, she's proving to be the most in-demand actress at present because she can seem to play just about anybody. It must be that deep commanding tone. Based on the characters, she can be put on Lead if there will be a separate highlight on the wife, otherwise, she'll place in Supporting.

Amy Adams, on the other hand, now probably one of my Top 10 Favorite Actresses of all-time and whom I have so much respect for, has become a very celebrated name and one of the most adorable women in the film industry coming out in blockbusters, indie-drama, and rom-coms. To date, she's landed four Oscar Best Supporting Actress nods already in 7 years with an average interval of 2 years.

Amy Adams's first made name as an Oscar-able actress when she played a sweet, naive, pregnant wife caught up in marital issues and then some, in 2005's Junebug- an indie-film with so much heart where Adams was trapped between a young age and mature incidents. She lost the Oscar to Rachel Weisz. Three years later, she has been invited to one of the biggest Oscar celebrations ever--- the 81st Academy Awards where she was nominated for playing another young and naive character, but this time, a nun side by side Meryl Streep, in Doubt. She lost to Penelope Cruz. In 2010, the wild side of Amy stormed the Academy when she portrayed "The MTV Girl", the unstoppable, opinionated girlfriend in The Fighter. She then lost to fellow The Fighter actress, Melissa Leo. Amy Adams may perhaps have wrapped up her sweet doe-eyed side as serious and mature roles started rolling in, and just last year, she came out as Peggy Dodd, the authoritative, or proving to be, wife of a movement leader in The Master. She lost the Oscar to Anne Hathaway.

In my opinion, Amy Adams should have won for The Fighter over Melissa Leo. I'm not saying Leo's not great, she's so great and infectious and so she's won, but Adams' has shown a total turnaround of acting.

Four Oscar films and in between are unforgettable characters she has given life to so effectively that anyone can just be moved by her raw acting, and in some she could have really been nominated for. 2007's Enchanted should be Amy Adams' first Oscar Best Actress nomination where she has given life to the most memorable Disney princesses of the modern time. She later on starred in Sunshine Cleaning, Night At The Museum 2, and Julie & Julia- her second collaboration with the living legend Meryl Streep where it was reported that Streep actually requested for her to play the role because Adams has impressed the timeless actress in their 2008's venture, Doubt. More recently, she starred side by side Oscar winner Clint Eastwood in Trouble With The Curve, and played Lois Lane in the 2013 blockbuster, Man Of Steel.

There's no way Amy Adams is unnoticeable. She's frontlining the Meryl Streeps, Kathy Bateses, Judi Denches, Kate Winslets of the new generation along with Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Carey Mulligan, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and several others who dominate you when you watch them give life to the characters who later on get stuck in your systems.

Really looking forward to an Amy Adams win in Oscars 2014. I really hope though she gets put in the Supporting Actress category because the talks on Naomi Watts for Diana and Berenice Bejo for The Past are inching their respective ways to the Academy for Lead Actress.


Slow Down, Self

Posted on 06.29.13 at 18:05
As I met up with a good friend today, for some career-mapping and sharing.

Truth be told, I like engaging in such sessions because I get to express my take on certain matters which I hope might be of help to the people I talk to, and at the same time, to help me see how the world outside what I do is like.

Slow down, self. 


From Mid To Late & Good Riddance

Posted on 06.29.13 at 17:50
The past month has been really demanding, career-wise. The moment my birth month ended, and June came to be, it's like the whole young vibe with the mantra "I'm young, and the time to make mistakes is now" got replaced by that unyielding energy with only one thought hitting me hard in the head--- "I'm getting closer to my 30's, what do I really want?". Using this film's caption as reference. Good dick!


From mid to late. Why was it, that all of a sudden, the moment I left 25 for 26, I felt way older than how I did in my previous birthdays? 25 for me felt way too young, like I could have had every excuse for making the wrong decisions in life and for misbehaving, but 26, it's like a giant leap from technically a one-year difference and I suddenly felt like I'm very close to 30. And being the jumping-ahead kind of guy that I am; being a little too controlling and mad about planning all sorts of things, I freaked out because I might not be doing what I want myself to do when I reach my 30's, and if so, I'm left with just 4 years to pin these things down and get going with how I want to run my life.

At present, at 26, as we speak--- I'm already an 8-month old Group Head in the company I have been part of since March 2010. Since I joined the company at 23, I have been promoted twice with the most recent taking me to a managerial level where I get to manage an entire category and people 2 years and 7 months after my first day at work. Sounds totally awesome, you realize, yet there's still this fear that in me that I may not be in the right place and in the event that I do find that one for me, am I ready to leave all these that I have worked so hard for behind?

The whole promotion was the fruit of the love I have for my brand and my work. Since college, this is the industry I remember seeing myself in, apart from radio. I got promoted because I have dedicated all the energy and passion in the world to this job, which could be why now I'm feeling too drained--- it's like, where did that 23-year-old media boy go and what is this fat-ass 26-year-old idle and confused boy suffering a great quarter-life depression doing in his cube? I've never been so sluggish in my 3 years here and it's so weird that it's happening now, at the peak of it all. And so I asked myself, "Do you see yourself, still in media, by the time you're 30?". I may have answered no, I may have answered yes, but it's not really how this should be attended, or at least, if you ask me.

So I went out to to see where I am from two different perspectives: from another company in the same industry's, and from a totally different industry's altogether. I prayed to have things in my head sorted out. I prayed for new opportunities. I prayed like how I prayed in 2010 for this media job and only hoped to have a favorable answer. I did. Honest to goodness, I have been stepping out, taking time to explore. Along with it came several sessions with random people from different industries e.g. Sales, Pharma, Nutri, Advertising, Media, Brand. I have never really been serious with figuring out what I really want. I got excited and scared at the same time from opening myself to an entirely new world and culture, and leaving my comfort zone, but somehow that thrilling sensation when bigger money and all that class, and packages get laid out unto you holds a huge chunk in my heart. My search for the where-should-I-be thing isn't over. The time I have spent on meeting the awesome people and exploring the world outside my job isn't going to waste for sure because right now, I think I know where I belong, and what I should do. But that's just for the now, still, the answer to the where-by-thirty question is left unanswered. What this got me to realizing is how much this job has done for me; how much my clients and the people from the company I'm connected with now have contributed to my self-training to being great--- and when the 'great' part is there, everything else will fall to place, the road is gonna be clear.

What I understand from everything I've gone through is that it was more of a realization than an answer that I got. In my ear are words telling me to slow down, 26 is not 30 obviously, that I should not feel so old because I'm way too young, and I'm being given a second chance to live in the now, but this time, with a sense of consciousness to live and not overdo it as what I do now will affect the future. It's like good riddance.

I still want to have more money though. Ugh, oh well, I'll wait it out. :)



Posted on 05.27.13 at 00:08
I logged in on my Livejournal having some really interesting stuff in my head that I would blog about. Firstly, that this has been a white-filled weekend where I got to "cyber meet" someone who resides in Georgia (Asia), and that I learned that my College best friend is in a sweet relationship with a Norwegian, and found out about certain fun sites where you can actually meet, um, dates.

I don't know, but my mood suddenly shifted and I recalled all the reasons why I do prefer Non-Filipinos for dates now more than ever. I was chatting with the first person I dated, and he's now in Americur, and he's asking me to think things through--- that I should not be limited by just looking for White love, and that I should not even look for love--- that I have to rather wait.

Ugh this topic is just too stressful for me. I have my preferences and my reasons. I can't ever be with a Filipino ever again because in a cycle where relationship ends and someone gets hurt, I don't want to be that someone who has been hurt by another Filipino who I am vomiting with when I think about the past. I've gone out with a few Caucasians, and obviously none worked out, but at least they're much hotter. Talk about consolation.

And by the way, I have been single since January of 2008. I'm not getting in a relationship with any average someone. My last guy was a great deal, the next one should be a whole lot greater.

I'll just blog about this some other time. The whole idea of arguing over this is too tiring.


I'm Going To Give You A Head

Posted on 03.09.13 at 04:06
This is totally a career drama.

On the 22nd of this month, I will be celebrating my third anniversary in the company I spent my going-through-quarter-life-crisis in. I take great pride and joy having been here this long, experienced maturity, and having been promoted twice. I am into my fifth or sixth month of being the Group Head of the category I've been in since Day 1 as a junior. Couldn't be any better for me and for the account I am handling since I have learned so much in the earlier years when I was still on a "micro mode" in the operations. I must say that since I learned the how-tos and the whatnots, I've wanted and did strive for nothing else but to grow, learn some more, and be promoted to the senior post. After a year and nine months, I have been given appraisal, and in less than a year later, a something I didn't really plan for myself- I have been promoted to the third post in the department, overseeing the entire team who I was once a part of as a kid in the industry. It's great being a freshman and a baby who just runs to a boss when something fails, always better that feeling of just running to someone, but someone's gotta aspire, and aspiring was all I ever did.

The promotion was a blessing. It came unexpectedly and this is more than being the fruit of my hard work as a junior and as a senior; it's an appreciation from the people I work with and for, and from the brand that I have and undying passion for. It was a rough road I took getting here, and I kept telling myself, I didn't really want this at first, but it's an honor stepping up and being appreciated. I love how the whole "managing a team" is like and going, yet still, I never felt being seen as a Group Head, or maybe, it's the whole energy that I've been shedding to the people around me is bouncing back towards me. I have not really been acting so seriously perhaps, heck I can count the times when I've worn a button-down polo in meetings; I'm just really just a childish and loud 25-year-old who may or may not be taken seriously. Lately, I've been going through tough times battling my loss of self-confidence and my being too emotional on certain matters. It's like how those light bulbs in the film "Away From Her" was used as an analogy to the loss of something from the body, they're slowly being turned off.

Don't get me wrong. If it's respect we're throwing in the air, I say I get it from my team, and I love how my opinions and knowledge on several things are valued. It's just that, I never really seen myself as that Group Heads that have come before me. Maybe it's time I stop comparing and/or over-analyzing.

Today, I met with someone who introduced me to her peers as the Group Head of my category, and I was like, wow, the sound of the introduction has given me a new motivation- a motivation to stay in and prove that I'm the right guy in the post and perhaps not for what the context of the introduction was.

Repeating my wordings in the earlier paragraph, I take great pride and joy for this position eventhough in my heart, I have never really felt the post and even that feeling of being one, pushing it to greater heights, and being viewed as, until maybe today. Or not really as that would be a shame.

Anyway, I don't know why I am blogging about this. Maybe it's for me to remember that I lack something and I should find whatever that something is and put the pieces together before it's too late. I've been blessed with a very hardworking team mates and loving, if I may add, and I cannot let them down by seeing me weak and full of doubts. I would really like to grow some more and prove my worth to the people who put me here, and to God who has lead me to this job. I wanna tell myself that no matter what I have been feeling lately, like losing it all and feeling numb, I am in good company, and in a good company for this matter.

I am experiencing first-hand. Life is a never-ending thing. Lessons and whatnots never stop and not because you have achieved something means you already stop and just enjoy giving pride to yourself. One has to always step up because no one is ever at the highest of all points whatsoever. I can't wait to have that ball of sunshine back in me because backmasking my colors I have been very dull towards the end of last year which I unfortunately got to carry on with me to this year. I pity myself for it, but I shouldn't end with just pity.

I read a post from one of my clients that positivism is seeing the good in people. I see the good in people, I honestly do. I guess it's about time I see the good in me and live it, not just being relaxed with a position that can be deleted from the e-mail signature yet feel nothing, nothing at all.

So I guess on Monday I'll be different, and I'll wear something bright for positivism. And summer is here, and my beach trip has been planned out. Might as well treat myself and for once, again- like in the old times, miss the office, miss work, miss what I do best. :)

Advanced Happy Anniversary to me and the company I am a part of.
To my peers, we are full of love, all of us. Let's have faith. Something great is coming. It's a matter of perspective. Believe.


Stars On 85

Posted on 02.24.13 at 23:47

It's 10:15pm, Manila time, on a Sunday, February 24th. In about 9 hours, the live telecast of the arrivals will air here and that's at about 6am on a Monday. By noon, the awards season would already have come to an end with the Oscars wrapping up.

What a season this has been. One of my most favorites, if I may say. The magical moment this year is how the first ever front-runner, Argo, was getting all the buzz in early October of 2012 and having been released in the theaters internationally, suddenly lost steam when the Spielberg-spectacle, Lincoln, started receiving the early critics awards. But it doesn't stop there. The early front-runner, after having been almost forgotten because of its very early release along with the hype on other short-listed films, suddenly bounced back to its original top-most position and is on its way to winning the biggest awards of all.

It's the Oscars already, like, tomorrow. I need to tell this to myself over and over because this may be the first time when I'm gonna enter the Oscar realm without a solid bet in several categories. The top categories where there's the 'clearest' and sure-shot winner for me at this point are the following: Lead Actor, Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay, and Original Song.

OK, breathe. I blog tonight to share with everyone my take on how the landscape of the awarding will be and my fearless forecast in the key categories (ones I think are, um, key enough).

Best Picture

I saw this photo online when I googled Oscars 2013. This photo pretty much got it correctly--- it's Lincoln and Argo who have both managed to make it to the top despite all the buzz on Zero Dark Thirty and Silver Linings Playbook. And yes, even the magical film that is Life Of Pi.

Lincoln has always had that "Oscar Best Picture- feel" to it. From the casting to the score to the promotion, it has Oscar winner all over. But it's the film that has been released in the year when a biopic wasn't really the "flavor of the season". The intensity on thriller-drama films such as Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, plus the big screen production on Life Of Pi and Les Miserables have given the audience that sort of rush this Oscar season. Not to discount the brutal-honesty with the Tarantino signature in the film Django Unchained, the all-out highly emotionally-charged acting in the romcom Silver Linings Playbook, and the "what-are-these-films-I-wanna-watch-them" curiosity Amour and Beasts Of The Southern Wild have managed to shed to the viewers, Lincoln has ended up, possibly being the most boring in the roster. With this, and all the love everyone's expressed for Ben Affleck after his snubbing, for Best Picture:

Should win: LINCOLN
Would win: ARGO



I'll make this really quick because I never really got to see Beasts Of The Southern Wild, and I don't think David O. Russell will win for a totally step-down from the genius film of his that is The Fighter, and given that his Silver Linings actors are all A-listers for a reason which leaves him little efforts in honing their skills. (Or maybe I'm wrong, who knows). On this being the most controversial category with Ben Affleck's snubbing, my take is, maybe Affleck didn't really deserve it all along. Argo owes it to the screenplay and the make-up. And yes again, maybe I'm wrong. For me, and for me alone, the Achievement in Directing Oscar should be awarded to Michael Haneke for Amour. Have you seen the film? It is the sum of the writing and the directing going along. Given that it lives and breathes on subtitle, Haneke managed to make the viewer multi-task on scrutinizing, and well, feeling the emotions from the characters, while going through the translation. With, of course, the scenes where the camera is just idle and all you do is feel the moment as if you were there, in France.

Should win: MICHAEL HANEKE, Amour
Would win: STEVEN SPIELBERG, Lincoln

(Spielberg is Spielberg, and given that he stands to lose the Picture, the Academy might as well give this one to him.)



If it wasn't for Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper's receiving of their first Academy Award nomination, this category would be so totally boring. In here we see two two-time Oscar winners with the other as the front-runner and about to take his third in five years, two first-timers as mentioned, and the fifth slot was given to Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix whose all-out, character acting has trampled on my bet, John Hawkes and his subtle, soft, and straight-to-the-heart performance. To my surprise, I am honestly at the point of wanting Phoenix to win his very first Oscar, after only his second nomination. Maybe just because Day-Lewis already has two. Or probably because of something else. But in terms of acting, with all honestly, the Oscar goes to...

Should win: DANIEL DAY-LEWIS, Lincoln
Would win: DANIEL DAY-LEWIS, Lincoln



This is my most favorite category this year. Since the beginning of the season, it has been a catfight between two young actresses who have had their "Oscar-spotting" very recently: Jessica Chastain, an Supporting Actress favorite last year for The Help and Jennifer Lawrence who had her Academy-breakthrough two years ago when she got a Lead nod for Winter's Bone. However, on the nominations day, this whole catfight has been put to an end and to an alliance when Emanuelle Riva has come out from being just "that actress in the Foreign Language-winning film" to a Lead Actress nominee. Not to forget also that she's broken records for being the oldest actress to have a Lead nomination. Other nominees include Naomi Watts for The Impossible on her second Oscar appreciation after 21 Grams, and the youngest nominee ever, Q-Wallis for Beasts Of The Southern Wild. Let's take out Wallis because I never really got to see Beasts. Let's also take out Watts, because her acting is "non-judgeable" (just call me should you wish to understand what I mean by that). Now, onto the big three:

Jessica Chastain--- I was so underwhelmed by her acting in Zero Dark Thirty. Yes, Maya is a character that has no home, no one, no heart. And yes, Chastain was able to successfully portray that. And the meaning of no heart to me is no emotion. Chastain showed no emotion because her character demanded so. But it wasn't god acting as anyone could do that, I guess. She got trapped in the emotionlessness of her character that the red-head who should have won last year for The Help was left giving the screen the blandness it did not really need from a Bin Laden thriller.

Jennifer Lawrence--- unlike Chastain, J.Law has defined great acting. Acting is being someone else. Lawrence is young in real life yet she was able to give heart and soul to a mature widow who's been ridiculed for her lasciviousness which is the result of a traumatic event in her life. Complex and an explosion of emotions. But if I may be very honest, I don't really feel that this is Lawrence's time. Kate Winslet and Sandra Bullock had been in two Oscar-baits and they've been both frontrunners for Lead Actress and even if they both didn't deserve their Oscars, I felt that it was their year. Lawrence, on the total opposite ring, deserves an Oscar, but I don't quite feel it at all.

Given this, my Best Actress winner is Emanuelle Riva. It may not be as challenging because she's an old lady playing an old woman. Um, right, whatever. What I'm saying is, if she's a French actress who's been around for a while, her portrayal of Anne wouldn't bee too difficult. Then again, like how I pointed out Amour and Haneke's win, it's the kind of film that captures you much too much, you would feel like you're in the scene with them. Riva has played so little but put in and out so much. It's like one of those granular candies that when you put in your mouth explodes. Plus, who would turn down an 85-year-old woman, who, by the way, is turning 86 on Oscars day?

The Oscars has loved bold acting. Jennifer Lawrence showed bold, all-out, highly emotionally-charged acting, and she can win and if she does, she would be deserving. But Emmanuelle Riva has put in a pinch of sadness on top of her natural acting (as maybe depicted) and she's already left the audience feeling so much with just too little.

Should win: EMMANUELLE RIVA, Amour
Would win: EMMANUELLE RIVA, Amour


Best Actor / Actress in a Supporting Role

Should win:
Anyone except for Alan Arkin (Actor), Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables (Actress)

Would win:
Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln (Actor), Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables (Actress)


Should win: Michael Haneke, Amour
Would win: Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained

Should win: Chris Terrio, Argo
Would win: Tony Kushner, Lincoln

Should win: Skyfall by Adele, for Skyfall
Would win: Skyfall by Adele, for Skyfall

That's it, I leave you with who you think should win in the technical categories, plus Animated Feature, among others.

See you in the morning on the red carpet!

I'm going to make this short and sweet as I have been up the whole day, engaging myself in a totally different and must I say mature kind of stress and I'm sleepy. I need to do this because this is the only way for me to get myself out of all the goings-on around me. This is one of my favorite seasons and its live airing in the Philippines will kick-off later with the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. 

I shall create a lengthy blog about the films this year: the big, the greats, and the Oscar baits. However, for this episode of my blogging, let me just focus on my predictions for this year's Globes. This year is pretty exciting for me especially in the Best Motion Picture categories as there are two frontrunners in each category (Drama and Musical or Comedy) and all four are obviously advancing onto the Oscars Best Picture race. Three of these happen to be up for the Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture award at the Screen Actors Guild. Either of the two films will win at the Globes, I'm certain about this. None of these four, for me, is Lincoln.

Remember that the Golden Globe winners are selected by the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association--- it's our dearly beloved friends from the press who pretty much love whoever loves them. Um, yeah, most of the time. To emphasize, the Oscar winners are determined by an Academy of film experts while the SAG winners , as the name suggests, are selected by a pool of actors that are members of the guild. In a nutshell, the Globes is just all glamour and what's hot, it very much showed when Avatar won over The Hurt Locker for Best Motion Picture Drama. You get the point.

Here are my predictions for this year's Golden Globe Awards

Toss between 1) Argo, and 2) Zero Dark Thirty
Winner: ARGO
While I still think that in terms of the overall appeal to Academy voters, Lincoln will win the Oscar trophy for Best Picture, the Foreign Press might go for the titles that everyone has already been so familiar with. ARGO is winning because it's Argo, a Ben Affleck film, a film that kicked off the season in quarter four of 2012, and got everyone hooked up to it. On the other hand, ZERO DARK THIRTY is also a winner for these three reasons: 1) It's controversial with the U.S. Government involving themselves, 2) The best way to chronicle the Bin Laden manhunt that I know of, and 3) Kathryn Bigelow along with The Hurt Locker were just slapped in the face and insulted by the HFPA when they chose Avatar over it in 2009

Toss between 1) Les Miserables and 2) Silver Linings Playbook
Yes, we all love the big costumes and the crying and the screaming and the singing, but have I read a single good review about Les Miserables? Let me think. Let us also think that the Globes people may also be considering the love for Silver Linings Playbook by the majority of the critics who have been naming the it as the Best Comedy film of the year.

Toss between 1) Ben Affleck, and 2) Kathryn Bigelow
Winner: KATHRYN BIGELOW for Zero Dark Thirty
And it's a Picture/Director split for me. Ben Affleck who Hollywood has loved for his acting, writing, and directing, is a clear frontrunner. But he has already been rewarded by the HFPA with a Golden Globe for his work in Good Will Hunting. Kathryn Bigelow, on the other hand, is the director we all have come to love since she's made Oscar history as the first female director to win the coveted trophy. The Golden Globes would want a piece of the Bigelow lovin', too, I bet you.

Daniel Day Lewis - Lincoln

Bradley Cooper - Silver Linings Playbook

Jessica Chastain - Zero Dark Thirty

Jennifer Lawrence - Silver Linings Playbook

Tommy Lee Jones - Lincoln

Anne Hathaway - Les Miserables

(It gets tricky when you put the adapted and the original ones in the same category, but my winner is)
Mark Boal - Zero Dark Thirty

That's it. Good night! See you at the Globes in Manila morning



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In the spirit of my year-ender tradition, here is the rundown of my Top 10 biggest songs of 2012.
Newcomer American rockband FUN. joins the league of the follwing hall of famers: Adele, The Script, The Fray, Coldplay, Gwen Stefani, Daniel Powter, Mariah Carey, Maroon 5, Duncan Sheik, Lifehouse, and Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim, and Mya

"We Are Young" by Fun. featuring Janelle Monae
Third mainstream debut song by an artist to make it as the #1 song in my year-ender countdown following 2004's "Harder To Breather" by Maroon 5 and 2006's "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter

2nd Biggest Song of the Year
"Wild Ones" by Flo Rida feat. Sia

3rd Biggest Song of the Year
"Dear Lonely" by Zia Quizon
The only OPM song in the year-end countdown in 5 years; last being Imago's "Sundo" at #10 in 2007

4th Biggest Song of the Year
"Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye feat. Kimbra

5th Biggest Song of the Year
"Domino" by Jessie J

6th Biggest Song of the Year
"Titanium" by David Guetta feat. Sia

7th Biggest Song of the Year
"Hall Of Fame" by The Script feat. Will.I.Am
Third The Script song in the year-ender, they had a Song of the Year title for "For The First Time" in 2010
Third time for Will.I.Am in the year-ender, he, along with The Black Eyed Peas, had a #2 song in 2009 for "I Gotta Feeling" and a #2 song in 2006 on a The Pussy Cat Dolls track, "Beep"

8th Biggest Song of the Year
"Anna Sun" by Walk The Moon

9th Biggest Song of the Year
"Heartbeat" by Jjamz

10th Biggest Song of the Year
"Home' by Philip Philips
First American Idol winner's debut single to make it to the year-ender


Two Zero One Two

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It's 1am, 30th of December, second to the last day of the year. I want to create a blog that will serve as my tribute to the great year that has been. However, as I try to imagine how the flow would be like, I am kind of getting stuck on actually nothing. I can't even start, or perhaps, too afraid to start as if I do so, it will take me until sunrise to post what could be mistaken for a novel. 

2012 has been great. I remember celebrating it almost a year ago with Jay Sean's "2012", playing it on loop, dancing and singing the words in my head over and over. The message of the song was to party like it's the end of the world. In a greater sense, it's more of living life on a daily basis like every day's the last. Looking back, I may have had more oversleeping moments than actually going out to dance and drink, and get drunk. And more stressed-from-work moments than experimenting on new stuff with friends. But that's what my life is really like and there's only so little that I can do. Be it the oversleeping or the overworking, I enjoyed this year very much greatly.

I owe it to this year and the people around me that I witnessed a lot of firsts for the year: singing up for a life insurance, getting a driver's license and a passport by myself, out-of-the-country trip, driving our survivor car alone to name a few. To add, in a matter of hours, my cousin from the US (whom I treat as my long-distance baby sister) will be arriving in Manila, and it will be our first time to see each other. Oh, and I got promoted this year. Second in the company, in 2 1/2 years. Also, that I bought a pair of shoes not for fashion but rather for a healthy cause--- I started running and later on enrolled myself in the gym. 

This year, just like all the previous ones, I have received answered prayers, and it's only reminding me that our faith actually can keep us sane. Thank You, Lord, thank You! More than this, though, I also received the gift of understanding that while some prayers aren't and have not been answered, we realize that it is only because they're not for us and that something better is being prepared by God. :)

I hope that I was able to cover how great this year has been in the previous four paragraphs. Truly, I was able to live like it was the end of the world and celebrated each day with my family, friends, and the strangers I have all come to know. But the world didn't end, only leaves us more reasons to be grateful. And that's how we should be as we welcome 2013: grateful and content, and counting all the Lord's blessings. 

2012, you have been awesome. 

Everyone, may all our wishes come true in 2013. :)


We Will Remember A Runner-up

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Olivia Culpo, the 8th Miss Universe winner from the USA deserved the crown. There, I said my piece. After having to watch the Q&A over and over, this is my stand. For that, congratulations! Although if it were Janine Tugonon, fellow Thomasian (from UST), Miss Philippines, Miss Universe first runner-up who had won, I would probably say the same thing. My point is that both of them delivered an objectively great response, and at the end of it all, there can only be one winner. It will not be and not have always been about that Q&A the winner is determined, it is the performance of the candidate throughout the competition even if they do not confirm on that.

I really had hoped Janine Tugonon had won. It would be The Philippines' third title since our 1973 win. Although on the brighter side; look at us, holding and owning a spot in the prestigious Top 5 for the past three consecutive years! Not at all bad. :)


... For The Elderly & Beautiful

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This is Love Actually meeting Slumdog Millionaire, making it a storytelling of rich experiences from people who have lived and loved. This is The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the elderly and beautiful.

From the director of the Oscar-winning Best Picture, Shakespeare In Love, this film brings a hundred per cent British humour and heart from the elderly characters it is centered on. This film only left me with a positive attitude and the desire to keep believing... to never give up.

Someone once said, "Everything will be alright in the end. And if it's not alright; then it's not yet the end."


The Magic Card

Posted on 12.09.12 at 19:35
So last night at the Giordano outlet store on NLEX, I experienced some kind of panic buying- not because stocks were running out, but because the people I was with were already in a rush to get back to Manila. Took me so much time as I may have probably over-shopped. Anyways, as I was already about to pay for the items, I handed my Debit Card over to the counter as I didn't bring a big amount of cash. Turns out, they only accept credit cards. I honestly got caught up in some sort of a daze trying to process in my head which should I be doing that time: produce cash or leave all the items I bought and run back with my friends to Manila. And then, Jo Ann was there. And then Jo Ann has a credit card. And then I borrowed her credit card and swiped it. And then I was happy.

Now I think I'm 90% convinced that I need to get myself a credit card. I am all about resisting as I don't know how I'd be if I become a holder. But with how it may have saved my shopping last night... I might just be on my way to getting a personal one. I've been used to riding and riding. I think it's about time.

This blog's for you, babe Jo Ann :P

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Not A Bad Long Weekend

Posted on 12.02.12 at 03:22
While some people had spent this 3-day weekend out of the city, I chose to stay at home. I just wanted that waking-up-late on a Friday and not worrying about anything. In most days, I wake up late- yes, I admit it, but I worry heaps and non-stop and stress myself with work. November 30 was not like those kind of days.

This weekend's been about relaxation, that's true. On Friday, Mama, my brother Hans, and I went to this spa in Ortigas- The Fairy something (it's my second time there and I don't even know the name of the place). On Saturday, I along with my best friend Jv and my brother Hans went to another spa place but not similar to that of Friday's--- went to ACE Water Spa for some hydrotherapeutic jiggling. All thanks to the deals Mama has been getting us all into on the Internet. Thanks, Mama!

Just fitting and much needed because I feel like this week's going to be very challenging. Something great that I don't want to reveal on this blog (yet) is about to hit everyone's TV sets! Nope, now working with Sony or Samsung.

Anyhow. Today, a Sunday, is the first week of Advent! A really great way to start the week that I, um, feel like... I dread. I'll make it!

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Cover Your Tracks

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 OST

If you’ve not seen the film, but greatly love the sap sounds of the alternative, indie rock genre, this record will help you create a vision of yourself in a windy evening, by yourself- thinking things through, and just breathing.

BUT if you have seen the film and loved it, this lives up to the whole idea of a soundtrack album which aims to have the audience re-live a particular scene of a film just be closing his eyes and listening to the selection: from the moment Bella saw herself in the mirror for the first time as a vampire to Edward and Bella’s moments in their cottage house, to that scene in the meadows up to the credits.

Hey, I know this film’s full of cheese, but it’s fitting if you just want to take things easy in the movie house rather than paying much required attention and over-thinking. Will definitely miss Twilight. Here's one of my favorite songs from the album: from the cottage scene, "Cover Your Tracks" from A Boy & His Kite. Gotta love folk music.

Heart, cover your tracks
Mind, pick up your pace
Soul, open your wings


Hall Of Fame

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This needs to go down in this blog.

I welcomed the first hour of November 30th at Starbucks in the Hanston Bldg. on San Miguel Ave. by myself until I decided to call my career-confidante. This exact moment replicated my other lonesome Starbucks evening after the The Cranberries concert sometime early this year ranting over the phone to this same person. The difference between today and the other moment is the I-am-now-fulfilled meter. It is much higher this time. I really have no idea on what's coming ahead, but all I know is that I need to get my groove back and rise... back up... to the top. Something is going down, I tell you. I should challenge myself to be that career person I have always imagined myself to be since College, even since High School.

As the idea of a new chapter beginning is bubbling under, the concept of another closing is in parallel direction. With whatever's left of me, I'll make sure to make the latter as graceful as possible and secure my dear life's journey a space at the, with reference to The Script, walls of the Hall Of Fame.

Lead me, Lord. 
You know what's best. :)


Some Dark Shades Are About To Be Neutralized

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November 29, 2012: Last day of work for the 11th month of 2012. Eve of the long weekend I had my much desired me-time after a long day and a long month I finally claimed my new diary, “the white one”. Happy Holidays, dear self.

Starbucks 2013 Planner

I used to collect a bunch of “black books” since High School. These sort of books contain all my life’s stories on a daily chronicling. As the pseudo handle suggests, most of the stuff written on it are either dark, or bordering the color black. I had a colorful teenage life, it’s just that they transcend onto darker shades as they get analyzed and told so.

This 2013, I feel like- versus the previous great years I had- this is gonna be a clean, pure, happy one. Having a ‘white’ diary in the form of this Starbucks 2013 Planner is a sign that some shades are about to be neutralized. Admittedly, I’ve been quite very negative and emotional on all my blog entries, social media accounts, and into the ears of my friends and so this is telling me that having a positive outlook in life as relayed by the stuff that come out of my mouth and through the words I write down and key in is not a bad habit at all.

So, what can I say. I chose “THE WHITE ONE”. I don’t exactly know what I am attracting to come my way this 2013, but whatever it is—- I have never been this excited about it.

A relationship, a new career, and love in every form, I await you.

As I have written down on my new diary: with the blessing of my Lord, I await what happens next. I have had a great year and even greater ones before. Let’s see how the year that is underway would play.

Happy Holidays!


Dream Of Para, Para, Paradise

Posted on 11.25.12 at 14:11
Given the power to conceptualize your own island, this is how my paradise would look like: the sand, the water and its friends, ice cream, coffee, USDs, representatives from around the world, and a scroll that has the note "I love you" in it.

The country collectibles I used in here are mostly the souvenirs my traveler friends got home for me. I've loved the idea of circling the globe since I was a kid. One day soon, I know that if I attract it, I'll get myself to actually doing it: to travel the world. 

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